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EPR Iyer - Ekla Cholo Re (Prod. by GJ Storm) | Adiacot | Saurav Das | Official Music Video

EPR Iyer - Ekla Cholo Re (Prod. by GJ Storm) | Adiacot | Saurav Das | Official Music Video

#eklacholore #protestpoetry #epriyer Social Media: EPR 👉 Facebook - 👉 Instagram - Krishi Pradhan Desh! That's what this country is called, and known as to the rest of the world. And guess what, in that very country, the data of something as crucial as Farmers' Suicide has been lost! Why? Because of course, the data shows such a huge hike in the rate of the mishaps, that it's almost shameful for a government to even own. Since 2016, India has seen a never-before hike in the rate of Farmers' Suicide. In 2014, more than 60,000 farmers have died from committing suicide, in Maharashtra alone - which makes an average of 10 deaths a day. The other states bear almost the same statistics. Being a country that has 70% of its population as farmers, farmers deaths account to almost 12% of total deaths in India. And our government is completely ignorant and quiet about it. After onions, market price of potatoes is increasing with jumps - and yet, the farmers never get the share of the price those are being sold at. Where the common people have to buy onions at 100 Rs a Kg, them people - they get the mere value of 8-9 Rs per Kg. Keeping the expenditure of seeds, crops, fertilizers and everything else, and the expenses of their own day-to-day wages - the farmers, they're hardly left with anything to keep, to feed themselves. How do they sustain their life amidst this unbearable circumstance! There are fights put up for all the reasons, protests built up on all the contexts - and yet, nobody's bothered to raise their voice for the people who provide us with the food we eat. Ekla Cholo Re, by EPR is not merely a song - it's like a warcry. It's a warcry for people who are dying, and nobody cares enough to bat an eye. Originally performed at the final of MTV Hustle, this song went viral across all the platforms - for all the right reasons. Listen to Ekla Cholo Re, and let it resonate with you in a way that makes you stand up - for the ones who need our voices the most. Programming / Mix / Mastered by Kuntal De (GJ storm) Vocals / Lyrics- written and performed by EPR Iyer Directed by Saurav Das Starring- Saurav Das, Kuntal De, EPR Iyer, Sreejita Basak Cinematographer- Austin, Atindra, Anirban, Souvanik Kundu (Jojo) Edit- Atindra, Austin, Souvanik Kundu (Jojo) Colorist- Souvanik Kundu (Jojo) Poster- Sunetra Dutta Make-up- Prosen De Project Coordinator- Rajrup Biswas Production Manager- Pintu Dutta, Sibu Das Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer, AKA, EPR Iyer is a hip-hop artist, singer-songwriter, poet, activist, and the winning Squad Boss of MTV Hustle Season 2.0. Taking the entire country by storm with just a pen, paper, and a microphone. Creating buzz where the voice needs to be heard. Being the voice of the ones in need. Becoming the icon this generation seeks. For enquiries : Mail: Call: 7980909989 Grab our merchandise: #epriyer #DesiHipHop #DHH #DesiRap #Rap #HipHop #NewMusic #rapmusic #rapmusic #hindirap #mtvhustle #newmusicvideo